Arielle Moskow

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a Joy.” ~ Rumi

The moment Arielle stumbled into Defy Gravity Yoga in 2014 and began her dance with the silks, she indeed felt a river of soul-full Joy moving through pathways in her body in a way she had never felt before. She knew she would never be the same, but could never have imagined the depth of the Magic in store.

After a few months of daily “play time” in the aerial silk swings, Arielle completed her 200 hour RYT training at Sacred Sounds Yoga in New York City and returned home to complete aerial yoga teacher training with Lisa at Defy Gravity Yoga. She began teaching in September 2014 and her Love affair with aerial truly began to blossom…

Arielle experiences our life on Earth (our playground) as an opportunity to learn how deeply we can tune into the Magic all around us, how truly we can open ourselves up to Joy, and how completely we can allow ourselves to Love. She values her time in the swing as a tool in deepening her connection to these Truths. In her classes, above all, she aims to guide students to release the pre-conceived limitations that they have set upon themselves, and to feel the Joy that erupts when they finally spread their wings and fly!

When Arielle is not playing on the swings or bopping around Defy Gravity Yoga, she spends her time with Mannabliss, a company and community with a mission to re-awaken this world to the vibration of Love and Bliss that reside within us all. Their online magazine and Internet platform provide a place for conscious communities worldwide to meet each other, join together, share information and practices, and showcase the rich resources available to us to raise our consciousness and connect us to our truest vibration.

For Arielle, aerial yoga is one of the greatest resources she has found to bridge the body, mind and spirit together. It has completely transformed her life, and she hopes you will give it the chance to add Joy, Peace, Bliss, Love and Magic to yours.

“A shift in perspective makes the particles in our Universe dance into new possibilities.”

Come fly with us! <3

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